What is a DOS: who - when - where - what - how much?

A DOS, otherwise know as a Day of Sharing, is held in Illinois four times a year. It's a day when the IL ICES Membership gets together to share ideas through demonstrations and socializing with each other. There are times when the demonstration could be a hands-on type of demonstration. There have been times when we bring in a Guest Demonstrator for another area, such as Nicholas Lodge or Collette Peters. There is usually a short business meeting for IL ICES during the day, keeping you informed as what is going on within our state and our international organization.

The DOS is hosted by one of IL ICES ALternate Representatives. They arrange for a location to hold the event, usually in their area of the state and for the days activities- demostrations/demonstrators and lunch. Usually our day which has always been on Sundays will begin at 9:30 and end close to 4:00pm.

The cost of each DOS will vary depending on the lunch arrangement or the type of Demonstration. If we are hosting a guest demonstrator there might be a few dollars more added to help cover the expenses of the day. Usually the registration fee is currently around $30 which does include your lunch.

Can anyone attend a DOS?

Anyone is welcomed to attend IL DOS. There is a fee for Members and their immediate family members, such as Spouse or children. This fee is established by the State Representative and the Alternate representative hosting the DOS.

Yes, Children are welcome at the meetings and as members of our organization. It's great to see young teens interested in Cake Decorating or Food arts, helping to keep cake decorating alive and growing.

If you're not a member, you can attend a DOS as a guest, but there will be an additional charge of $10.00 for Non-members.