Why Should You Join ICES?
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Membership Gives You All Of This:

Annual Sharing Show & Convention

At this yearly event you will be able to see and experience:
  • Beautiful displays of sugar art produced by members from all around the world
  • A variety of demonstrations on techniques and methods, both innovative and tried-and-true at beginner through advanced levels
  • The very latest in cake decorating products, tools, and supplies from vendors from around the world
  • The opportunity to meet and talk with authors of books about cake decorating and confectionery arts
  • A membership meeting and installation of new officers. Learn more about the aims and organization of our Societe` by reading our Bylaws.

For more on Annual Sharing Shows & Conventions, see Coming Events.

Local Sharing Events

Local representatives are elected or appointed each year to help spread the art of cake decorating around the world. Throughout the year these representatives conduct meetings, get-togethers and Days of Sharing for their members. At these events you will meet other decorators from your area, see demonstrations and often participate in contests and other hands-on activities.

For more on Local Sharing Events, see Coming Events.


You will receive the ICES newsletter eleven times a year. It is designed to keep you informed about cake shows, classes, ICES events, and cake decorating ideas. Featured are color photos of cakes that were displayed at the most recent annual sharing show and convention. All ICES members are encouraged to share recipes, hints, patterns and photos for use in the newsletter.

Newsletters are also published by the local representatives. These newsletters will keep you up-to-date on people and events in your area. Want to peek inside and see some of the articles? Here are three recent articles from the newsletter received by our members.

For our latest Newsletter, see Newletter.


At all ICES events you will have the opportunity to be with other people--men, women, and children--who share your love of cake decorating and the confectionery arts. Our members run the gamut from beginner to professional level, from homemakers who occasionally bake cakes for their families to bakery professionals.


ICES promotes the art of cake decorating by awarding one or more annual scholarships to applicants deemed most likely to develop and promote the art form. Contact your local representative for a scholarship application.

For more on Scholarships, see Scholarships.


ICES membership brochures and publicity posters for upcoming conventions are available as well. Informative booklets on starting a cake club or organizing a cake show are also available for a small fee.

Hall of Fame

ICES honors cake decorators who have contributed significantly to this art by inducting them into the Hall of Fame. As an ICES member you can nominate people for this honor, and you may meet many of these "stars" of the cake decorating art, as they often attend the annual sharing shows.

For more on Hall of Fame nominations, see Nominations.

Annual Dues

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Categories of Membership

  • Membership: $45 per year
    (Available for Regular US, International, and Gold Key memberships)
  • Associate: $24 per year
    Those members who live with or work for a Charter/Regular Member and use the same address as the Charter/Regular Member. Associate Members will receive the Digital ICES Newsletter.
  • Charter Membership: $20 per year
    Joined by 9-1-1977 and membership has not lapsed more than thirty-six (36) months.
  • Gold Key Membership: $45 per year for US Members who are not Charter Members and are over the age of 60, who have been ICES Members for at least fifteen (15) continuous years. (Proof of age required)
  • Student Membership: $25 per year
    All full-time students. Proof of enrollment must be provided if the student is over the age of 18. Student members will receive the digital only version of the ICES newsletter. No printed newsletter will be mailed to them.
    If you are under the age of 14, please have your parents read our Coppa Notice. ( A young interested school age chilld may now join as a member without a parent being a member.)

    Please visit ices.org to become an ICES member.